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Coastal Rowing

Fun in the sun! This is where it’s all happening. Coastal Rowing is relatively new to South Africa but it is poised to take the beaches by storm. Coastal boats are wider than their flat water cousins and not as quick (but quicker than you’d expect) but they are far more forgiving and the ideal place […]


Rowing is the chief discipline in the sport and encompasses many sub categories. The main sport of rowing is divided into two styles called Sculling and Sweep. In sculling, the body movement is symmetrical (the body travels in a linear direction in the centre of the boat) and the sculler holds the handle of a sculling […]

Para Rowing

So you’re in a wheelchair now what? Row across the ocean, yup that’s right there are now para rowers competing in the Atlantic Challenge from the San Sebastian to Antigua. OK so you don’t have to do that but what’s stopping you giving rowing a try? The biggest enjoyment para rowers derive? Being free from the chair. On […]